Front Street Cantina

Front Street Cantina

“The support from the town has been nothing short of amazing from the beginning.”

Dan Tacone, Co-Owner
Front Street Cantina

In 2010 “Taco Dan” Tacone and his business partner Ben Devee opened Front Street Cantina in
Lemont. Lemont is one of five locations of this small chain of Mexican resturants found in
Chicago’s west and southwest suburbs. The first restaurants in the chain had opened in
up-and-coming downtown areas; the chain founders had gambled that the areas were on the
cusp of big things. Dan explains: “My partner Ben and I believe Lemont to be on the same
path as these other company locations. When we started looking at spots for our franchise
we wanted to follow the existing successful model of locating in downtowns that were
experiencing growth and revitalization, and we were intrigued by the affordable real estate
and new residential development in downtown Lemont.”

Dan and Ben, typical of the new breed of young, hip, urban enterpreneuers, were the first
to occupy commercial space in downtown Lemont’s new mixed use development, the
Front Street Lofts. The restuarant has been a success, and the large outdoor dining area is
especially popular on the summer “cruise nights” sponsored by the Lemont Area Chamber
of Commerce and the Village of Lemont. Says Dan: “The support from the town has been
nothing short of amazing from the beginning. The residents have welcomed us with open
arms from the moment we opened our doors.”

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